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Food Products is one among the top Indian and Sri Lankan food exporters. Exporting the finest of the Indian and Sri Lankan food items, it has a major market share in Europe and US.

With over 30 steadily exported items and numerous other items shipped on request, we are able to put our name on top of the list.

Estd '92
We have a history of food-exporting to boast about. With a humble origin, it has today risen into a large and proud family catering to those who enjoy the Indian taste, across the globe.

Having an efficient team keenly observing and monitoring the daily work of the company, we stubbornly maintain the quality of service. Our head-office is located in Cochin, India and is responsible for managing everyday activities of the company.

The company is steered by two envisionaries Mr. James Zacharias and his wife Mrs. Lisy James, along with the support of their three charismatic children.

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